Danny Stephen Moss

Dear Master Sifu Eric Lee,

I just wanted to thank you and commend you for your 2 day seminar of which I attended this October 5 and 6 2002, it was information packed and I came away from it feeling stronger and having actually learned a lot more than I had known or expected. I would with out any doubts, recommend this seminar to people who are truly interested in Martial Arts and those interested in improving their knowledge base of strength and understanding as well as practical application of self defense and offense strategies. I have participated in MartialArts for more than 2 decades, Currently I am a Personal Trainer at Bally’s Hollywood yet my training has been quite eclectic. Here is a partial list of my experience, I have worked as an Armed Civil Police Guard in Israel on active patrol 6 months, I have lived in China for 2 and a half years, and I have been in a Jackie Chan Film shot in Hong Kong I have fought in Southern Florida, Tournament Style and learned Fred Valari Style for several years. I have attended seminars by Superfoot, Red Berets and 12th Dan Master Ishin-Ryu and many more, I had been a member of the Green Dragon Society of Chicago as well I have studied under Master Sifu Go of Championship Martial Arts Academy Chicago and formerly of the Shaolin Temple China, I can say without hesitation, the accumulation of everything I have learned is put into focus with help from Master Sifu Eric Lee.( I still have a lot more to learn please!) I will definitely be attending every seminar I will be able too with Master Sifu Eric Lee and I recommend the seminars to novice and expert alike.

Thank you Master Sifu Eric Lee,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!!!!

All the best, Health and Happiness,
Sincerely and, Most Gratefully Yours,

Danny Stephen Moss

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