Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr.

Good Morning;

I attended the seminar/workshop with Master Eric Lee on October 5th and 6th of this year in Inglewood, CA. We started off with some of the Chi Kung healing techniques, followed up with dynamic self-defense, and ended with the Chinese Katas( the Shaolin forms). I thought both days were very informative. From my understanding, their are five seminar/workshops in the seriesall unique in their own ways. I feel that Master Lee did an excellent job throughout the entire two day seminar/workshop, and would recommend the series to all, underbelts, black belts, and masters I am looking forward to attending all of his works

Yours in the Arts,
Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr.
Founder, Canemasters International Association

PS: Eric: Thank you again for letting me demonstrate the cane at your workshop, and for inviting me. I learned a lot, and your teaching really inspired me. I look forward to seeing you soon

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