Robert Dixon

I have been in the Martial arts since 1978. I was 14yrs of age, I started in jujitsu then moved around a bit until I found what I was looking for. during the time I was 14 to 26 I had trained in different styles of the arts, like tang soo do, chung moo quan, Praying mantis kung fu, shito ryu, shotokan Karate, was in and out of schools until I turned 26yrs of age, then I found a school called Moo Yea Do under Master Tiger Yang, trained for two yrs and became a black belt, then I left the school and joined Tea Kwon Do and was hired to teach which I had done for 6 months. .Then in 1994 I joined Hwa Rang Do which I trained in for 8 yrs in and out: I became a brown belt In Hwa Rang Do, then I left. Now I am training with Master Eric Lee In Kung Fu. I had fun learning the techniques and the form, It was a work-out for 8 hrs a day, I enjoyed the atmosphere, It was great training with all the black belts that were there, and found some new friends, I also like the long day work out practicing the techniques and the form, and the self defense was great I learned that you don’t have to move that much to defend yourself, everything was a very good experience for me, by me learning a lot, Master Lee’s teaching method is very excellent, when he teaches you can understand every technical and what they stand for, I liked the seminar because it was educational In learning the arts, and no one represented themselves to be better then the other. We were all equal in the training. What I liked about the workshop, I felt that I had learned a lot and the techniques were explained very well, The explanations were precise, they were explained in a manner that you would understand and he explained what they were used for and how they were used, he made them very easy to understand and if you had questions they were answered, also there was information given out along with videos and written information, master Lee has opened my eyes and helped me be open minded about training, Its great for cross trainers.

I would recommend that many people who are into the Martial Arts go to Master Lee’s seminar, It would be a educational experience, His seminars are very helpful in learning to defend yourself in any situation, I would recommend it to any one that wants to further the knowledge.

Thank You for the training experience.


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