Eric Lee Tai Chi

Inner peace and harmony matter today more than ever.

Hectic schedules, fears of economic instability, and the demands caused by a 24 hour a day –always connected culture have made living happily difficult. As stresses build it becomes harder and harder to unplug, relax and find balance.

“Tai Chi is meditation in motion. It can release the tensions of everyday stress, naturally, without the negative effects of drugs or alcohol.” –Grand Master Eric Lee

Tai chi is an ancient form of Kung Fu, used around the world to enhance well-being, foster relaxation and improve health. Balance is key to the practice of Tai Chi.

“Tai Chi is an ancient system of health and self defense. It emphasizes a slow motion method of ‘moving meditation’ that anyone can learn.” –Grand Master Eric Lee

As a world famous star of 120 martial arts films, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame inductee, and Kung Fu competition’s undefeated “Little King of Kata”, Grand Master Lee is an acknowledged expert in the martial arts. It is with this lifetime of experience and dedication that he has chosen to spread a new simplified form of Tai Chi as his new life’s mission.

“If we are stressed, our energy will be restricted. If you are relaxed you will create more peace more harmony and more balance in your life. That’s true! Tai Chi will give you a more peaceful mind and stronger body.”
The practice of Tai Chi may help to unblock acupuncture channels, known as “meridians,” creating relaxation naturally so that the “chi” or life energy will flow unimpeded, improving concentration, circulation, and the tone of the nervous system.
Grand Master Lee’s Tai Chi Videos will be available through select retailers and educational clinics.

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Widely known as an innovator within the martial arts, Grand Master Eric Lee has developed a simplified system of Tai Chi basics that enhance the life balance for mind, body, and spirit. Watch here for more information on the Eric Lee Tai Chi system and upcoming events and workshops in the near future!