Fundamentals Workshop

Even with a star-studded career in both Hollywood and the martial arts, Grand Master Eric Lee is not one to dwell on past glories.

              “That was 40 years ago,” says GM Lee, who still kicks with all the agility and grace of a young man. “This is now.”

 Grand Master Eric Lee- a world famous star of 120 martial arts films, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame inductee, and Kung Fu competition’s undefeated “Little King of Kata” – has continued his evolution and is proud to announce a new mission in life: to bring the inner peace and harmony of the traditional Chinese art of Tai Chi to a stressed-out world.

“Tai Chi is an ancient system of health and self defense,” says GM Lee. “It emphasizes a slow motion method of ‘moving meditation’ that anyone can learn and everybody needs.”

Modern life is filled with stress and tension, GM Lee says. He believes that Tai Chi can be a powerful effective alternative to an all-too-common reliance on prescription drugs or cocktails after work.

“Tai Chi is meditation in motion,” GM Lee emphasized, “It can release the tensions of everyday stress, naturally, without the negative effects of drugs or alcohol.”

GM Lee goes on to explain that this time-honored, slow motion form of exercise can unblock acupuncture channels, known as “meridians,” and create relaxation naturally so that the “chi” or life energy will flow naturally, improving concentration, circulation, and the tone of the nervous system. GM Lee says that these benefits mean a stronger immune system, better physical fitness, and better health in general.

“If we are stressed,” saysGM  Lee, “our energy will be restricted. If you are relaxed you will create more peace more harmony and more balance in your life. That’s true! Tai Chi will give you a more peaceful mind and stronger body.”

The seminar includes a certification in Tai Chi Fundamentals personally signed by Grand Master Eric Lee.